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Massage Slides For Women And Men

Massage Slides For Women And Men

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Massage Slides For Women And Men features a comfortable sole. These slippers were created using the most recent footwear fashion trends. It has a slip-on style of fastening. A nice pair of sleepers strikes a mix between comfort and style, raising your level of style. They have a closed-toe style that is easy to wear. It can be worn in the bathroom or near the poolside as they dry up easily. Make yourself comfortable and stylish with these pair of slippers. They can be used in the bathroom as they have a special rubber shower pillow beneath.
  • Rubber sole

Heel Size:

  • Heel measures approximately 3.5 centimeters

Light in Weight:

  • It won't collapse even after wearing it for a long time and it is different from others and durable too.

Easy To Care:

  • These bath slippers won't generate an unflattering squeak after the shower because they are washable and simple to maintain. In order to prevent foot odor, the rubber and plastic combination makes sure that the shoes won't release an odor after being worn for a while.

Comfort Assured:

  • Round bubble massage ball design, one-piece "Lychee" bubble slide! Reduce foot pressure and successfully balance the pressure. The new shoes will feel a little awkward at first because of the massaging design, but they will soon become incredibly comfortable to wear.

Anti-Skid Property:

  • Double safety, double anti-skid. Better suited to casual wear in the backyard, living room, bedroom, and outdoors. It gives an excellent grip on your feet, is particularly effective at preventing slipping, and has an outstanding balance.
  • Sole Material: Rubber sole
  • Heel Size: 3.5 centimeters
  • Suggestive Size: if you have wide feet, it is suggested to buy one size more. 
  • Easy Care: Dries easily when wet so can be maintained.
  • Anti-skid Property: Double anti-skid, double safety
  • Occasion: Can be worn indoors or outdoors.

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