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Massage Cloud Cushion Slides For Women And Men

Massage Cloud Cushion Slides For Women And Men

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Massage Cloud Cushion Slides For Women And Men are made from the EVA material. These are made up of the highest quality of material thus, are very comfortable, do not collapse easily, and efficiently provide support to the feet. The one-piece molding method guarantees its sturdiness and effective cushioning. It has excellent breathability and stays odorless for long hours. It is made with very soft EVA foam which makes this massage bubble slide unique. 
  • Rubber sole

Sole Material:

  • These bubble slides are made of new EVA material with a one-piece molding process. The unique new material makes this bubble slipper soft like cloud slides and without collapsing, providing enough support for the feet. And the one-piece molding process ensures its durability and good cushioning performance.

Bubble Slides:

  • These bubble slides for women and men consist of multiple soft small balls, which can play a massage role when you walk. 

Anti-Skid Property:

  • Our bubble slides' soles include an intricate pattern with a golf ball and split multi-ball design that creates very powerful friction. As a result, you can maintain your balance and move around easily when walking on damp ground, like in the bathroom or by the pool.


  • The holes in the toe of these summer bubble slippers, which have a distinctive design, demonstrate their outstanding breathability and odorlessness for extended wear. Waterproof EVA material prevents slippers from hiding in water droplets throughout the day, keeping feet dry and comfortable.
  • Sole material: Rubber sole
  • High-Quality Foam: EVA foam with good cushioning and shock absorption.
  • Design: Close toe type
  • The bubble slide sole provides friction thus, doesn't slip
  • Occasion: Can be worn with casual loungewear or casual evenings.

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