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Dual Adjustable Straps Sandals For Women

Dual Adjustable Straps Sandals For Women

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Experience the perfect combination of enduring comfort and subtle elegance with our Women's Dual Adjustable Straps Sandals For Women. Expertly crafted for those seeking a sophisticated touch in their daily attire, these sandals are more than just an accessory.

Key Features:

  • Size: Crafted to fit a broad range of foot sizes, ensuring a proper and comfortable fit for wearers.
  • Material: Made with a supple upper and a supportive cork footbed, balanced by a durable rubber outsole.
  • Intended Age Range: Designed for adult users who appreciate footwear that offers both relaxation and longevity.
  • Special Features: The sandals include a plush footbed, catering to comfort throughout the day.
  • Technical Specifications: Engineered with a deep heel cup and spacious toe box for stability and freedom of movement.
  • Shape: The sandals have a natural foot shape, encouraging a balanced and comfortable walking experience.
  • Pattern: The cork footbed features a granular pattern, unique to each pair, adding to the sandal's earthy appeal.
  • Texture: The smooth upper straps contrast with the textured cork, providing a tactile and visual contrast.
  • Design: These sandals are designed with a minimalist approach, featuring clean lines and adjustable straps for a snug fit.

Size Chart:(Inches)

Size (US) Heel to Toe  Width 
6 9.06 3.15
6.5 9.25 3.19
7 9.45 3.23
7.5 9.65 3.27
8 9.84 3.31
8.5 10.04 3.35
9 10.24 3.39
9.5 10.43 3.43
10 10.63 3.46
10.5 10.83 3.5
11 11.02 3.54
11.5 11.22 3.58
12 11.42 3.62


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