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Bubble Drag Shell Beach Slides For Women And Men

Bubble Drag Shell Beach Slides For Women And Men

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Bubble Drag Shell Beach Slides For Women And Men are something which your feet deserve, as it is super comfortable and lightweight making your feet relax and massaged all day long. These home shell beach slippers can be used anywhere be it an outing or for a lazy day at home, it goes everywhere. It is easy to wash and dry making it suitable for all seasons. Also, it has an anti-slip sole making it ideal for any surface.
Sole Material:
  • Rubber sole, 
  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole

Heel Size:

  • Heel measures approximately 3 centimeters


  • Bubble slides are made of EVA, environmental protection materials, and excellent performance

Relaxing & Comfortable:

  • Wear soft and comfortable, decrease foot pressure, cushion earthquake resistance, thermal insulation against moisture,non-harmful ecological security, and don't retain water.


  • One-piece molding process, simple is beautiful,  shoes utilizing a one-piece forming process, the overall strong and easy to clean the help surface and large bottom link, with rounded arc design, difficult to break.


  • Both inside and outside the soles have an anti-slip pattern, coupled with the pressure of human weight that can produce greater friction, and bathroom wearing is more secure. on wet floors


  • Sole Type: Rubber sole
  • Heel Size: 3 centimeters
  • Material: EVA
  • Easy Care: Dries easily when wet so can be maintained.
  • Anti-skid Property: Double anti-skid, double safety
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